Just a moment #3


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” ― Coco ChanelImage via Pinterest

A few days ago, after washing my hair I picked up a pair of scissors and began snipping away, until only a couple of inches remained.

Once I was finished I looked in the mirror and was surprised to find myself grinning at my reflection.

Having hair I could barely run my fingers through was strange yet liberating.

I continued staring at my reflection, at a new version of me.



8 thoughts on “Just a moment #3

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and the like 🙂 This is a great quote! So brave though – I’m glad you’re happy with the result. Often feel like doing the same but I’d probably regret it and instantly want it long again…even if it does weigh me down and feels like a year-round scarf!!

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  2. This is the dream. Honestly. I believe in this so much which is kinda weird because seemingly, cutting your hair isn’t a big deal but I feel like as a girl, it means SO much to me. I mean I feel like doing it would be so empowering for some reason.
    Maybe that’s weird, I donno.
    But I love the fact that you did it and I love your blog too!


    1. Its not weird at all! I think its empowering because it changes the way you see yourself like you suddenly have more confidence with no hair to hide behind.
      Thank you! Xx

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