6 things I’ve learnt as a teenager


Here’s a few things I’ve learnt in my teenage years:

Keep your spirit alive and trust your instincts to find the way that will best suit you. -Wolf

1 Follow your instincts

When I was younger I missed out on so many opportunities. When my instincts would tell me “Yes” I’d go against them and miss out. Then other times when my instincts were saying “No” I’d get anxious and feel like I had to say yes. I guess it all came down to not trusting myself which almost makes no sense and not being confident.

2 Ask for help

I used to feel like asking for help made me weak and incapable but I was very wrong. I mostly hated asking for help at school because I was basically paranoid that everyone would think I was stupid. This continued when I was at college and I struggled so much which made it even worse and then I felt like I had to cover it up. Constantly trying to cope on my own with life in general drove me insanity and I had no choice but to ask for help. I realised it wasn’t so bad.

Yes someday they will spew from my mouth and it will probably be ugly but it will feel so good!

3 Holding things in is a dangerous habit

This one relates to the previous point but since I was about 11 I would regularly return to feeling discontent with life. It felt unjustified and I didn’t really understand it so I didn’t talk about it, ever. Over time the feelings got stronger and would have a bigger impact on me. Fast forward to last summer when I had finished college and something happened which upset me (in a way like never before) and it set me off on a mental downward spiral to insanity. For about 7 months I was not in a good state. Sometimes I would describe it as my soul being broken or burning. Anyway once I gained the courage to let things out, my life got better. Even though those 7 months were the worst of my life I learnt a valuable lesson and for that I’m grateful.

4 Friendships will change

My primary school BFF is no longer my BFF (but luckily we’re still friends). I now barely speak to the people I was close friends with in secondary school. When friendships change for the worse I would (and sometimes still do) get annoyed and frustrated at myself because I’d figure that I’d done something wrong. In reality people drift and change, I just had to get used to it and sometimes know when it’s time to let go.

back of nude girl with black afro, print/ design on background and bodyImages via Pinterest

5 Do your thing

Weirdly I’ve often been in groups of friends where they were all pretty similar and I was the misfit who liked different music, grew up differently and dressed differently. I think sometimes in situations when you’re different it’s human instinct to conform, to be less of yourself in the hope that you’ll be accepted. Over the past year I’ve spent lots of time in sweet solitude and it’s been good for me as I’ve been able to do my thing and accept that I am different.

6 “Situation is just that…

…it has no special power,To do you harm, it’s your actions that count.” That’s a couple of lines from a Funkadelic song and probably the biggest lesson I’ve learnt.

The experiences that I went through to learn these lessons play a major part in the person I have become. Without them I would have been a very different person, maybe I wouldn’t have started blogging and I definitely wouldn’t have so much gratitude towards the little things in life.



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