Writing without intention


Lately I haven’t really been able to blog much. I’ve been collecting blog post ideas for so long that I don’t even want to write them up anymore. Some of my ideas are probably from about 10 months ago.  I just really miss the way I used to just blog as the ideas came to me, I’d get the post written and published within the week.

I think that I’ve gone wrong by trying to plan too much and not leaving room for spontaneity. It’s really important to write without intention sometimes because when you don’t think so much it becomes more of a subconscious thing which gives you access to information you didn’t even know existed in your mind. I don’t know if that’s scientifically true but it’s true for me.

Anyway I just wanted to write and share some thoughts because it’s been a while since I’ve blogged like this. I’m going to really try to post more too not for you but for me because I owe it to myself to work hard at something I love just for me.



2 thoughts on “Writing without intention

  1. Sometimes the best kind of posts are the one’s that come spontaneously ! So maybe rather than planning it all, how about you try something new. Just post it instantly whenever you feel like writing and an idea springs to your mind 🙂

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