No longer determined to be terrible


So I just finished reading a blog post on Scarphelia and I got thinking about how often I’m determined to be a terrible writer. It’s not that I don’t want to improve but sometimes I just refuse to write.


If you’re not good at something you will often get better with practice. When I read things by certain other writers/bloggers (some of which may be reading this right now) I often think ‘Damn, they are so lucky they can write so well, why isn’t it like that for me?’. Instead of putting my energy into improving my writing abilities I’d just wallow and procrastinate thinking ‘I’ll never be good at anything, my whole life is a disaster, wah!’ However when I make the effort to be a better writer I think to myself ‘I’m actually getting better at this, maybe one day I’ll write something that will change someones world’.

So the moral of the story is if you want to be good at something, no matter what it is work hard at it and don’t waste time making comparisons.

There is no need for comparison. Be happy with yourself and find satisfaction in your work.
Lailah Gifty Akita



5 thoughts on “No longer determined to be terrible

  1. Plus, writing makes you feel good, right? Write for you! That’s what I do. And then sometimes I get a ‘vulnerability hangover’ (to quote Brene Brown) but then I remember that I am writing for me… and feel better. Does that sort of make sense? Hi 🙂 by the way. TJ


  2. Yes! It can be SoO hard to keep writing when you feel like you want to be perfect already. Sometimes I write something and it’s so stink that I’ll put down my pen convince myself I’m not even worthy of the paper.

    It’s nice to read such honesty from someone feeling the same thing as I am! Thanks for sharing!


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