Maudits Sonnants at Centenary Square




On Saturday night my sisters and me headed off into the city centre to see Maudits Sonnants in the city centre as part of the Birmingham Weekender that took place from Friday 25th-Sunday 27th. The Birmingham Weekender is A weekend of free outdoor performance, art and entertainment across the city centre.

Here’s a little more about Maudits Sonnants:

French performance company Transe Expresse bring this exhilirating, adrenaline-inducing, awe-inspiring production to Birmingham for the very first time.  Actors, trapezists, acrobats, bell ringers, dancers, percussionists, singers, string quartets, welders, technicians and forgers will fill Centenary Square with bewitching performances that are lifted skywards. Rekindle childhood memories of enchanting music boxes and exciting fairground rides in this magical outdoor concert, as the musical chandelier is lifted skywards, suspended from its very own crane, 55 metres above the ground.  The sound will ring out across the night sky as audiences below are left mesmerised.

The show was honestly so amazing. I was mesmerised (and a little anxious) watching these people be lifted higher and higher up into the sky by a crane. Then they started playing instruments whilst rotating from the mechanism they were hanging from. My sisters and me were a few out of the hundreds but I got this really great feeling knowing that we were all there to enjoy the art with out necks craned towards the sky.

I didn’t take many photos but click here to see the Gallery of great quality images on the Birmingham Weekender site.

There’s always lots of cool and interesting things going on in my city. Much to see, Much todo.



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