Whilst I was away…


So here are a few things that happened since I last posted:

A catch up with a good friend

Jordi Labanda is one of my favourite artists so there'll be quite a few of his prints on this board!:

Taking a few hours to meet up with a friend from college was so necessary. I don’t have a tonne of close friends but the ones I do have are amazing. I love just hanging out talking about everything that has been going on and all that is to come.

Reading a (sort of) friends first blog post

So someone I’ve known since primary school started a blog last week. He left a link on Facebook and after reading it I was surprised because I could relate to what he had written about. It’s funny how you can be going through a difficult time and believe that you are so alone. Then almost a year later you find out someone you know was going through the same thing.

My sister and I talking aspirations

AOLJFS09 I Got Your Back! by African American Expressions:

My sister and I are quite similar, I think. One evening we sat in her living room talking about what we want from life. For me it meant talking about blogging but also other creative ideas I have in my boots. I’ve never just wanted to be 1 one thing and I don’t intend to settle.

Talkin’ ‘bout Jamaica

Jamaica- The people of Jamaica are so proud of their culture. I love it!:

So I don’t think I have mentioned this before but my family are Jamaican. Lately I have been taking more of an interest in Jamaica after learning about it’s history. I’ve read quite a few opinions on David Cameron and his £25 million prison offer. Some people are totally against it as they feel the money could be better spent (on schools and hospitals) whilst others don’t have an issue with it. On Sunday I had a long conversation with my dad and got the chance to ask 101 questions about Jamaica because once I take an interest in something I want to know everything I possibly can. By the time the conversation ended I was beginning to think about jetting off to the west indies to see my family and experience their lifestyle.

I’ll try not to let 7 days past until I next post.

Images via Pinterest



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