A/W coat inspiration


Green Womens Winter Coats Faux Fur Lining Parka With Fur Hood:

#AutumnFashion - VB knows how! Chelsea boots, glossy hair and an oversized military style coat make her look edgy but effortlessly glamorous.: winter layers www.bibleforfashion.com #bibleforfashion:

Images via Pinterest

So I’m sort of in want of a new coat and the choice is between a practical parka or a stylish and beautiful military or cocoon coat. The problem I have is that the beautiful coats cost around £100 and the practical parka is much cheaper but I can’t seem to find one that looks just right. I was browsing on Oasis and saw multiple coats from my wildest fantasies whereas New Look was full of coats that were nice but nothing too special. If I can’t decide I’ll just end up with no new coat but that wouldn’t be so bad, I have at least 5 already!



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