The end of November


I’ve been trying to write a blog post for a couple of days now. The post is about how last month (towards the end) I had a powerful revelation unlike ever before.

I won’t go into detail right now or this post will end up being a couple thousand words at least. However what I will say is that I am currently at the best I have ever been. I feel like my mind had been whitewashed with a sadness for the past 7 years. This sadness remained no matter the circumstances. It wasn’t really just sadness though it was all of my negative emotions bundled into one.

Anyway that sadness isn’t their anymore. I don’t know exactly how it left but I know it’s gone. I know this because my negative emotions are no longer having that debilitating effect on me like they used to.

Along with that I also feel happier, calmer, less fatigue and an increase in my confidence.

I’m excited for what’s to come.




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