The ‘everything else’ update


Life has been good to me lately and I’m very thankful.


Less then 2 weeks ago I headed down to Bristol for just under 24 hours for a party and to see a bunch of my friends from secondary school that I adore. Even though I wasn’t there for long I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to be go back next year. I’ll probably do a visual post to give you an idea of what went down because I think it’ll turn out pretty cool. Now that it’s the Christmas holidays my friends that have moved away for Uni are back in Brum and it’s been great seeing them.

I’d gotten so used to having them around (despite that I didn’t see them as often as I could/should have) that when they left I just really missed them. It’s been one of those absence makes the heart grow fonder type scenarios and now I really appreciate having them in my life more than ever before because they’re all truly superb.

Last year I never really got into the Christmas spirit (I was too busy feeling the blues if I’m honest) and this year has been the same. I think I’ve just grown out of it and the day doesn’t really have any meaning to me. I spend time with my family regularly and I’ll buy gifts for people anytime in the year.

However I will say I had a nice day because I got to see my older brother who lives in a different city and also for the look of surprise on my sisters face when she opened the gift I got her.

In terms of blogging I’ve been taking it easy the past few weeks and just focusing on other things. However, I have a long list of blog posts to get written up and I’ve already made note of what I’ll be posting for the first 2 months of 2016.

So that’s it for everything else in my life. By the time you read this Christmas will have been and gone so I hope you had a good day if you celebrated.



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