College: Banter, productivity and progress


Need to remember this when I'm panicking about assignments #motivation #progress:


I’m the type of person that loves to laugh. In a class full of guys constantly making jokes, I’m a very happy girl. I join in with them too which I used to be hesitant to do but apparently I ‘have good banter’ which was nice to hear.

In my last college post I wrote about not doing as much as I ought to be and so on (see it here). Anyway I’m happy to report that I’ve been changing my ways, I’m making progress! It is always a good feeling knowing that you’ve utilised your time well and been productive when you could have done other wise.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I went to class with a positive mindset and an outfit that had me feeling good. The result was a very good day. It wasn’t because anything particularly amazing happened but just because I felt confident and happy. Later that evening I tweeted about how it had been the kind of day that I’ll look back on and smile about.



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