Jimi the Phoenix


I’ve had the blog name Jimi Fuchsia for less than 8 months but over the past few weeks I had began to really dislike it so I’ve changed it to Jimi the Phoenix.  It sounds so much better and I really like what the Phoenix symbolizes.

Sometimes I feel like a little like the Phoenix. Setting alight, burning to ashes and always risingEvery time I rise from the flames, I become stronger...hence why my tattoo is the Phoenix.:

Positive Quote: Often it´s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self. -Karen Salmansohn www.HealthyPlace.com:

If you don't win battle over your demons you'll only become worse! If you battle them away and truly do what's right and redeem yourself you can then truly learn from your mistakes and grow from them! If you only give up and give in only time will show you what you'll have to loose and struggle with by not becoming a better version of you! Always remember your dignity!:

Part 2 - Making a career comeback: How to reinvent yourself after losing a job.:

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