Being a blogger


Last week when I was looking through my old blog Snippets of this Life and I realised that of the 3 blogs I’ve created that one is my best. I love the content on the site and the amount I was posting. Even though I was still figuring out what kind of blogger I wanted to be, I still managed to do my own thing. Best of all I was having lots of fun with it. It’s crazy to think that I used to blog in the morning before college, just a few sentences expressing my thoughts and I honestly cannot remember the last time I did a super spontaneous quick post.

The thing about me and blogging is that sometimes I am just a kid that wants to chat. My blog is based on my thoughts the things I notice and what I think they mean. I take pictures on my phone and my outfit pictures are taken with my phone propped up by the window. Sometimes I just think ‘I’m not really a proper blogger am I?’ It’s a feeling that has grown with time.



Maybe it’s one of those situations where I subconsciously don’t think I can be on the same kind of level as others bloggers so I just don’t try or maybe I just don’t want to. I think because I read a lot of other blogs I always have something to compare mine to but more often than not it reaffirms the MAJOR difference between my blog and theirs. I feel like the more I join in and get involved with blogging the more I feel like I ought to change. However the way I blog hasn’t changed much since I started posting in December 2011. I like sharing my thoughts with you like we’re having a chat and I like posting about fashion, personal style, health, my influences and inspirations but also really chilled stuff like my days at college and little poem type stuff that I like to write. My blog is quite scattered but I guess that’s my style and honestly I’ve never come across a blog like mine before so maybe that’s why sometimes I feel like I’m doing it wrong.

I don’t feel like that all the time but  I just wanted to share those thoughts with you. I just can’t help but worry sometimes but it’s silly and a waste of time because I love blogging so much and I’m proud of what I create here.



One thought on “Being a blogger

  1. I believe you are doing it right and in the right spirit. I’m new to blogging but I watch alot of YouTube and its so glamorized that Content Creators forget to connect. Your random thoughts, quotes and poems create a lane of your own and a innocence that the world is missing. We need more that are brave enough to stay true to themselves and their vision. I pray mine has the same qualities yours someday.😊

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