Tales from a long weekend


Good Friday: Early starts, Mento and Mantras



I began my day just after 6am when I woke up and decided to read The Happiness Project. I did so until around 7.30 which was when I finally decided to get out of bed. A few hours later I was found dancing to Mento music with my mother and sister. Mento is a style of Jamaican folk music that is often confused with calypso. Being that my family is from Jamaica when I listen to Mento I envision my great grand parents listening, singing or dancing to it which brings me joy.

The afternoon was spent working on multiple assignments and writing. In the evening my nieces arrived as they were staying for the weekend. Throughout the day I found myself worrying about something which felt important. But I later reminded myself of something I’d written a few months ago: “I cannot control the things that are out of my control”. It’s become like a sort of mantra for when I find myself consumed by things to an unnecessary extent. I also like to ask myself “Will it matter in the long-term?” if yes then I try and come up with a rational solution so I can move forward. However if the answer is no then I just have to get over it, pretty much!


Saturday: Childhood and the opposite of productivity

Well Saturday mimicked Friday except for the fact that I was much less productive. I played with my nieces which is always fun. They are so energetic and curious. They constantly want to play, be picked up or eat. But I love it and can’t deny that I miss that carelessness and freedom that comes with being a little kid.


Easter Sunday: Lazy Sundays


My morning consisted of Mcleods Daughters, cereal and a mocha. Overall I had a fairly lazy day which is what my Sundays are famous for. My sister took care of dinner and I did the other usual chores and looked after my nieces. It was a pretty uneventful day but I spent the evening preparing for the week ahead (as I usually do) with plans and to-do lists. The next day I was heading off to London for an all day church thing my Nan asked me to attend so I also had to sort out an outfit for that.


Easter Monday: The things we do for old times sake

Albert Bridge, London


I woke up at 5:10am put my phone to charge then fell asleep again almost instantly. I was later awoken by the sound of heavy rain beating down on the world. I grabbed my duvet and trudged over to the window to watch it pouring down. Not long after this the 6am alarm went off. For some reason I felt ridiculously tired so I allowed myself an extra 10 minutes or so of comfort in bed before I started getting ready. We left for London at around 8am much later than planned and it took a few hours hours to reach our destination. Once we reached London I enjoyed the drive which involved me listening to music whilst gazing out of the window at the big city. We drove through Earls Court and along the Chelsea embankment so I got to see the Albert bridge which reminded me of something from a fairy tale. As someone with an interest in engineering, history and design bridges are pretty interesting to me.

Despite the fact that I’m not a Christian the event overall was pretty descent with a pleasant atmosphere, the type created when people come together for a positive cause. It was an annual church event that I’ve been going to since I was a kid but now that I’m an adult it was a very different experience. This year was the last time I’ll ever attend which is why I chose to go, it was simply for old times sake.



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