Stuff and things #1



Cartia Mallan

Cartia quickly became one of my favourite Youtubers not just because of her amazing style but for her honesty and unique content. These days the content on YouTube channels is quite often very similar and that can sometimes get boring. I love the way that Cartia edits her videos as it keeps things interesting and you can really see how creative she is.


The interview with Caitlin Stacey was in my recommended section  whilst I was on YouTube one day and after watching it I ended up watching around 5 more. I just found that it was really interesting to listen to people tell their stories of life and share their experiences.

It’s different for girls

book cover of  It\'s Different for Girls


I love reading fictional books based in past decades. This book by Jo Brand was based in the 70’s and is a story of friendship and growing up. It was easy to read and I enjoyed the way the story developed. Something I noticed was the major contrast in technology and it really emphasized how dependant we are on it for everyday living. It seems crazy now to imagine my teenage years without a mobile phone as it has always been the main form of communication especially with friends that live far away or even just to make plans with friends in my city.



I love to doodle it’s something I started doing a long time ago as a bit of a distraction and I still do it now. I often end up doing it in class even though  I should be fully focusing on things like the Bowditch adjustment method. My class mates are always curious and tend to peer over like ‘What’s she drawing this time?’ and they tell me my doodles aren’t too bad which is nice of them.

Bullet Journals

planwithmechallenge Day 24 Stay Motivated One of my favorite wayshellip:


So I don’t currently have a bullet journal but I love peering into the pages of other peoples. Hannah Gale did a blog post not too long ago called How to use a bullet journal which was pretty good, so check it out. I really like the idea of writing things down and being organised so to have a notebook with things documented neatly in an array of colours sounds like a great idea to me. If you are really into journals, planning and setting goals then I recommend the blog Boho Berry as it is amazing for all that type of stuff.

So that’s all for the first post in my new series, hope ya liked it!





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