4 Web series I’d recommend


So today I am sharing the web series that I’ve watched over the past couple of months. I rarely watch TV these days but I am always on YouTube which is where I found all of these shows. It’s always great to see people coming together creating great content online. I wanted to share these shows with you because they are fun, interesting and different. I think my favourite of the 4 would have to be Beyond Complicated which was created by Andrea Lewis (the woman behind Jungle Wild Productions) who also stars in it. Beyond complicated is about a couple and each episode alternates between the ‘his and her ‘ point of view of the same scenario. It is honestly so funny and if you only watch one of these shows let that be it!

However there are 3 more: Black actress, Love handles and An African city. I’ve included either a trailer or the first episode for each series and they can all be found on YouTube.

Black Actress


Love Handles


An African City


Beyond Complicated

So what did ya think? Have you been watching any cool shows lately?

Leave a comment, let me know!



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