What lies beneath the surface?



At first I knew you as funny, a lad, a little bit silly at times but in the least insulting way (I promise) as it was never a bad thing, you were very likeable and easy going too. Yet there is so much more to you, beneath the surface. It’s not as though you hide away but it’s just that there are traits of yours that I didn’t always see.

You work hard, your good vibes are contagious, you never fail to make me laugh or smile, you’re helpful (when you want to be), you’re not as dumb as you sometimes pretend to be, you’re full of confidence which is great and there’s this stuff that you care about. You know, the stuff that you could (and do) go on about for ages because it is of some significance to you. I think it’s important that everyone has stuff like that. Lastly I’d say you’re pretty generous and kind in a careless sort of way, which is cool and I like it.

I wrote this piece about a classmate. It is pretty much just an observation over time that shows there being much more to a person than what you first see. It is an example of what it is like to get to know a person and then to learn more about what they’re like. I’ll probably never share this with the classmate I’ve written about but I know that if I did he’d be surprised- and now I’m a little tempted.



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