3 quotes to diminish the worrier in you


Worry is something that effects us all and I guess in small doses it is a good thing, it means you care about things. However in excess it is very unhealthy, can develop into anxiety which may cause physical and psychological symptoms. Things like sleeping problems, irrational fears, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, self-consciousness, palpitations and self-doubt are all symptoms that can span from being anxious.

So for today I just wanted to share a few quotes that are good to keep in mind when you’re worried. I can’t promise that they will work for you but what I can say is that it is good to have some sort of quote or mantra. Something that springs to mind when your thoughts are getting out of control, offers clarity or a fresh perspective.


If I spent as much time doing the things I worry about getting done as I do worrying about them, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about.



Life is too short for mean anxieties.


Worry is a misuse of the imagination.




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