First Impressions




Have you ever judged a person before getting to know them, then later come to the conclusion that your assumptions were completely wrong? That was my Wednesday afternoon realisation as I sat having lunch with someone I never thought I’d end up sort of being friends with.

I love sitting one on one and having long conversations with interesting people and this time was no different. We sat together talking about family, childhood, summer plans, careers, relationships and birthdays. On this particular occasion I found myself willing and tempted to share more and more. However what stopped me sharing too much was my fear that this person would be way too taken aback by the aspects of myself I tend to conceal.

At one point the conversation swayed to first impressions of one another and I confessed that I initially thought this person was weird. In total honestly weird really wasn’t the right choice of word but I chose it because this person was unlike anyone I’d ever met before. Unfortunately this person was somewhat offended (or just looking for a compliment) so it was then my job to assure them that I no longer think of them that way. Over the past 6 months I’ve come to find this person to be smart, funny, kind, understanding and generous. When it came to this person sharing their opinion of me they said they just thought I was ‘quiet’ which really surprised me actually as I’d prepared myself for awkward and mean etc. I did my best to prompt for more but apparently that was it. Now, on reflection I realise that I often get so caught up in how I think people perceive me but the truth is nobody is really thinking about me at all.

That afternoon I sat with someone that I can not help but feel is somewhat significant. At times I am hesitant to talk openly with people for various reasons. Sometimes because I don’t feel comfortable around them and other times because I fear that they aren’t really listening which can be pretty awful when I’m trying to share deep and personal things about my life. But this time I was lucky because I was sat with someone who was really listening to me talk, someone with a smile that makes me smile and the brightest eyes I’ve seen in a really long time.




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