Creativity and personal growth



I’ve decided that I want this blog to be a little different to what it has become. One of the main things that I have come to realise is that more than blogging I simply love to write. My most difficult challenge as someone that blogs is to find my niche. If someone asked me what kind of blog I have I guess I would say it’s a lifestyle blog but it isn’t really.

This blog is the place where I come to share thoughts, things I’ve learnt and my interests. For years now I have been conflicted with my love of fashion and my interest in people, psychology and mental health. The thing about fashion is that it’s popular and likeable. A few months ago I did an style inspiration post on minimal fashion. It was a collection of images alongside a few sentences and it ended up being one of my most popular posts. In contrast when I write my ‘just a moment’ posts or other longer written posts that are a pure expression of my self they’re never received as well which can be disheartening.

I want to challenge myself to commit to writing about the things I truly care about, the things that are meaningful and honest. I no longer have as much care and concern for the way I dress like I used to which is why I rarely do outfit posts anymore. I used to feel like they way I dressed and looking ‘good’ was important and it is to an extent but not in the way that I originally thought. I’ll never eliminate fashion from my blog because it is part of how I express myself and hopefully I’ll have some outfit posts up soon so i can share my current style with you.


I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now and I’ve changed so much since I began but especially over the past 2 years. So now in 2016 I am not who I once was or who I have ever been. Last weekend I decided that moving forward with this blog I want it to be focused on personal growth and creativity because that is what I truly care about and want to be known for not just as a blogger but as a person too. I haven’t been doing enough to reach my goals and they span much further than this blog. I’ve allowed myself to believe that I am not enough out of fear of failure, fear of the expectations and opinions of other.

Maybe I’m a bit of a pessimist but I often assume the worst. I assume that others will think-

Who is this girl with big lips and small eyes, this girl that dresses in an unpolished fashion who pulls faces and is always smiling. This girl that is sometimes totally mute yet other times asks more than too many questions. Who is this girl with her Afro hair and countless notebooks half filled with things that rhyme that she dares call poetry? Who is this girl to think that she could possibly amount to anything, that she could possibly achieve anything comparable to greatness*?


But I’ve come to learn that those thoughts are pointless because negative thoughts aren’t helpful at all. Instead of focusing on the thoughts of others I should focus more on me doing the things that I want to do and the things that I care about

As always thank you for reading and Happy July 1st, can you believe the first half of 2016 is over?



*when I write greatness what I mean is  reaching your maximum potential which is often much more than you (or others) dare to believe.




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