DIY Chokers



When I was around 8 or 9 my dad came home with a bucket full of beads, my sister and I were thrilled. I can remember we’d sit for ages sorting through hundreds and hundreds of beads that varied in shape size and colour, picking out the ones we liked best and arranging them in order. Then at the end of our hard work we’d have these cool and unique beaded necklaces and bracelets.

I once (aged 9) wore about 10 bracelets on my wrist at once because I liked the way it looked and nobody else I knew accessorised that way which in turn made me a cool kid (or so I thought).


Fast forward over 10 years and I still have that same creative desire to make things myself and not look ‘just like everybody else’. I’ve always loved chokers and after watching McLeod’s Daughters I began wearing a thin strip of velvet tied around my neck. Then one day I cut a fresh strip of velvet put it through a turquoise bead and tied it round my neck as a choker. A few weeks later I cut a longer strip of velvet and put a fancy button on it and wore it as a bolero choker.


I love that I’m able to make my own chokers even though they’re really simple because it’s not much different from something that you see in shops for at least £5. The ones I made myself were made using stuff I already had at home so cost me nothing at all. I’m hoping to make some more chokers soon using yarn and embroidery thread woven together. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!




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