So glad to be out of the style rut


I’ve been in the most terrible style rut for the past few months but I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m getting excited about fashion again. I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing outfits here but I will for sure on Instagram so be sure to check that out. Today I’m sharing a few trends to give you an insight into where my personal style is headed.

Chunky Heels are back in stock


Chunky lace-up shoes

My choice of footwear is pretty much always trainers or boots but I’ve decided that I want to change that. I’m on the lookout for some black chunky shoes like the ones above. They’ll look perfect with rolled up jeans and a bright coloured sweater or oversized shirt which is the kind of thing I wear on a daily basis. 

turban 087



I love head-wraps and I want to start wearing them, especially as it’s coming up to winter. The other day I tried out a style like the one above in a blue fabric and it turned out pretty well. I think I just need a couple more scarfs and some practise then I’ll be good to go.




Chokers have been such a big trend for over a year now. I don’t think I’ve actually bought any chokers though, I just make my own because I really don’t agree with a lot of the prices I see.  In general I think I want to buy/make some edgier chokers because I’m a little bored of the dainty and delicate ones. I really like the buckled chokers because they create a statement and are a great way to transform a blah outfit.

What trends are you into for the coming seasons?



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