A life of change


DSC_0332The past 10 days of my life have been full of change. It all began with a dramatic wake-up call/revelation after a night out followed by an interview, returning back to education, doing something I’ve been scared to do that ended in success, another interview for a job that could totally transform my life and have me on a whole new path, a conversation about summer with somebody who can so easily put a smile on my face and lastly reading through 6 months of posts on my old blog.

When I read through my old blog it made me realise how much my style of blogging has changed. I spend too much time fussing over how my blog is perceived rather than just creating content and sharing my ideas.

Anyway those 10 days got me thinking about how strange life can be. Months can pass by with life staying pretty much the same. Yet, it can take a little over a week to have you feeling like a whole new person.




4 thoughts on “A life of change

  1. Your work is unique and has too much soul and stories.
    I have also enjoyed reading some of the stuff.
    I hope you keep going on doing as good as you hope.

    I would love to hear your opinion of my writings since I am working on getting better and some feedback would be great.

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