Unspoken intentions



As the day turned to night I found myself dancing and singing with friends. I was feeling pure harmonic bliss, it had been a long time since I last felt this way, too long.

At the end of the night I wandered off into the darkness with a social friend and a stranger, who seemed more like an old acquaintance. It was the perfect end to a truly amazing day. The three of us walked and talked about about anything that came to mind. I remember laughing a lot and thinking how lovely this stranger seemed to be. Kind words escaped his lips and I smiled and kept on smiling as he continued…

As we departed ways the words of the stranger took me by surprise. They implied that people don’t do nice things for no reason, that there are often unspoken intentions. At first I thought that maybe I was a little naive for not knowing that. But then I got thinking and realised that actually many times in the past I’ve been the girl who’s left words unsaid because I didn’t want to reveal my true intent.



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