So, who am I now?



For at least half of my life I’ve had recurring feelings of loneliness, being unlikable and anxiety. Over time those things became key aspects of how I defined myself but lately that has changed. I feel different, very much unlike what I once thought was “me”. I’m having days where I catch myself thinking ‘How did my life get so good?’.

The other day I had a long, honest conversation with someone I’m getting to know and I surprised myself by just freely confessing my past/current insecurities without feeling a single ounce of fear. I walked away from that conversation feeling like I was somebody else. Now I find myself wondering, if I’m not who I thought I was, who am I?

When I think back to that particular conversation it reminds me of that scene in My Mad Fat Diary where Finn says “I like talking to you and I don’t like talking to anybody”.

Anyway it’s been nice to feel good about myself, about my life and to feel like I’m growing out of the person that I used to be, into someone who is a little less scared of life.



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