A return to things of the past



Well I guess I should start this post off with ‘Happy December 1st!’. I have so much amazing content coming this month and I’ve decided to start off with an outfit post. Now it has been a very long time since I last shared an outfit here and I’ve completely forgotten how to pose so bear with me. 

In this outfit I’m wearing a mens bomber jacket alongside a stripy ribbed tee. Both items were from h&m and both items were from the sale section. Where I live has been so cold lately that going out without a scarf is not a good idea. This particular one is a couple of years old from Primark. It is great to throw over simple outfits to add some extra colour and keep me warm too!



These photos were taken at around 5pm and it was totally pitch black. The quality isn’t the best but I had fun attempting to pose and they didn’t turn out so terrible- after a little editing. It feels so amazing to get back to do doing something that I enjoy so much and I wish you all a ‘Happy December’!

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