My 2016 Blogging experience



The past 12 months have been pretty slow in terms of growth and content here on JtP. On average I posted about once a week but the quality of what I was sharing differed greatly as did the content. I think some of my content lacked focus and longevity something, which I plan to improve on. However I did create some content that I really love like Creating nostalgia on a Sunday and DIY chokers.

In 2016 I made countless changes to my header and blog theme as an unintentional distraction from my lack of inspiration and lack of knowledge of which direction I wanted to take this site in. I also did quite a few posts sharing thoughts on how my feelings towards blogging have changed and on the content I wanted to be sharing.

On the flip-side this year I joined a blogging group and got to meet fellow bloggers living in my city and a few months prior actually went out for dinner with a group of bloggers who I’d never met before. Over 2016 I began to be more active on twitter than I had been previously and twitter chats introduced me to new blogs and cool bloggers.

Overall I don’t think blogging went particularly well for me this year but I think a big part of that was that I was trying to fit a certain type of blogging that isn’t for me. However at the end of the day I know I’m happiest when I love what I’m creating and I just need to remember to put that before trying to fit a mould.

jimi x


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