Getting comfortable with discomfort

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The older I get the more I see the value in doing things that are outside of my comfort zone. I used to have so much fear around doing certain things alone that I ended up missing out on many of the things that I was interested in. This resulted in my fears growing further and further becoming much scarier than the reality.

These days I make more of an effort to do things alone even if it scares me a little. I guess it’s my way of slowly undoing my past behaviour and getting comfortable with discomfort. Whether that means going out to dinner alone or attending an event where I don’t know anyone. So far I’ve surprisingly found it quite liberating and I’m going to be making plans to see a few bands and attend some events over the coming months.

I’m trying to push myself more and more as my end goal is to travel solo.

How do you feel about doing things alone?



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