Talking about mental health



One of the most important things I have learnt when it comes to mental health is that you are never alone. When you don’t talk to anyone about what is going on with your mind it’s easy to end up feeling like you are all alone.

People don’t always have casual conversations about the way their mind works and the kinds of thoughts they’re having. But when you get to the point when you’re able to start talking, you’ll eventually find that other people can relate to what you’re going through.

You learn to find strength in the fact that mental health isn’t this big, scary, crazy thing that you have to keep to yourself, trying to cope all alone. You find strength knowing that you aren’t alone and that people can be understanding and accepting of what you’re going through.

Eventually you realise that you’ve come a long way. Years have gone by and suddenly you’re mental health is so much better. You know your triggers, have coping methods that work wonders and you’re able to live your life more freely .

Back when it all started you had no idea that you would ever really recover, that poor mental health was something you could come back from. But you did it and that is something to be proud of.



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