Not the usual



As someone who has always loved to play dress-up, personal style will forever be an important part of my life. As I’ve gotten older my style hasn’t changed drastically but the reasons for why I wear what I wear has. I used to be very much into dressing to look stylish. I loved getting compliments on my outfits, learning about new trends and reading fashion blogs.

These days I put outfits together that I think are interesting. I wear things that would have once shied away from and I feel a confidence in doing so. In this particular outfit I’m wearing a pair of pale blue wide leg trousers. It was my first time wearing them out despite having brought them at least 6 months ago. I always thought that I’d pair the trousers with black or grey. However, when putting the outfit together I found myself choosing a dark yellow sweater along with my khaki green coat and bag.

It always feels to good to wear something that is not the usual, something outside of my comfort zone. I feel confident when I’m wearing things that I feel comfortable in and part of that comes from not putting so much effort into trying to be stylish.



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