Creating life ideals




When I was younger I had this vision in me head of what I thought I wanted in life. I thought that having x, y or z would bring me a greater sense of contentment. But as I got older I often found that when I got many of the things I  wanted, I didn’t actually want them anymore.

When you’re growing up your life ideals can end up being heavily influenced by the people around you. Whether it’s people telling you what you should want or you looking at what other people have as a benchmark for your own life.

Over time, I’ve learnt to focus more on me and what I want because it’s no good having everything that others think you should have or aiming to have the same things in life as someone else. It’ll just make you miserable.

Let go of expectations and image. Focus on yourself. Create your own life ideals, aim for self-fulfillment.



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