Daily blogging so far




This month I’ve challenged myself not only to blog everyday but to post about more than just stuff. 

The past couple of years I’ve become more and more interested in life and the way that we choose to live. I’d say that this is the kind of thing I have a passion for. I could write essays on some of my ideas and I plan to in the future. Not writing about trends, products or outfits has made things harder. However it’s forcing me to think more about the way I use my voice and the kinds of things I want to talk about.

So far daily blogging has made me realise:

  1. I don’t post enough on my blog
  2. I do not fit the lifestyle blogger niche
  3. I care more about connecting/being helpful than I do about events or numbers

I still have 11 more posts to go but once the month is over I will do a longer more in depth reflective roundup of my daily blogging experience.

Do you blog daily or have you thought about trying it?




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