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My blog has always been a space for me to use my voice to talk about life, things that interest me and the things that I care about. Over time I’ve focused more and more on writing about life. The majority of my content is musings on daily life, sharing things I’ve learnt or am currently learning. As much as I enjoy writing about all that life stuff, there is a part of me that wants write about other things too. I also want to write about books, personal style, being creative, places and occasionally products.

I’ve always struggled with creating niche content because I like to blog about the things that mean something too me. That can vary from a self-help book on confidence to a cleanser that makes me feel amazing every time I use it. I understand that the variation in my content probably doesn’t help in terms of growth but I’m not yet ready to make a choice.

I guess creating a separate blog where I can share more lifestyle based content is something that I need to consider. For now I’m going to experiment a little here and see how it goes implementing a little more variation into the content of this blog.



3 thoughts on “Content variation

  1. I can COMPLETELY relate. I have always found it hard to stick to writing niche blogs. At one point, I had several for each topic I liked, but it was difficult to come up with enough content for all of them all the time, especially since I don’t blog full time. I decided to get rid of them all and just write on one blog now. Honestly, I’m happy doing that, and not worrying so much about the correct way to blog. I remember back when blogging first became a thing, a big part of what made it amazing for me was not being boxed into a million little rules for how to express myself.

    And I think that if you enjoy writing about some different every few days, there really isn’t anything wrong with that. After all, that’s probably who you are. Some people have a single passion that they are solely focused on, and others like me and apparently you too have a very wide range of interests and are able to keep up with them all.

    I suggest continuing to write whatever you feel like, and organize them using categories. That way, people can sort through your blog easily for whatever topic they would prefer to read. Just make the category list easy to find. You can add a tag cloud as well, which serves a similar purpose.

    🙂 Really nice to meet another blogger with the same kind of feeling/thinking as me.

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    1. Hey Anna Lee, I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond. Firstly thank you for taking the time to leave such a long comment, it means a lot.

      I remember when I first started blogging too, I never tried to follow the rules or even felt like I had to, it was just pure self-expression.

      I totally agree as long as I’m able to keep up with different topics I shouldn’t let ‘blogging rules’ stop me. I’ve definitely followed your suggestions and I’ve actually started a whole new blog

      I just tried to check out your blog but it says it’s been deleted. If you have a new blog I’d love to read it so feel free to leave me a link 🙂


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