Not the usual



As someone who has always loved to play dress-up, personal style will forever be an important part of my life. As I’ve gotten older my style hasn’t changed drastically but the reasons for why I wear what I wear has. I used to be very much into dressing to look stylish. I loved getting compliments on my outfits, learning about new trends and reading fashion blogs.

These days I put outfits together that I think are interesting. I wear things that would have once shied away from and I feel a confidence in doing so. In this particular outfit I’m wearing a pair of pale blue wide leg trousers. It was my first time wearing them out despite having brought them at least 6 months ago. I always thought that I’d pair the trousers with black or grey. However, when putting the outfit together I found myself choosing a dark yellow sweater along with my khaki green coat and bag.

It always feels to good to wear something that is not the usual, something outside of my comfort zone. I feel confident when I’m wearing things that I feel comfortable in and part of that comes from not putting so much effort into trying to be stylish.



Getting comfortable with discomfort

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The older I get the more I see the value in doing things that are outside of my comfort zone. I used to have so much fear around doing certain things alone that I ended up missing out on many of the things that I was interested in. This resulted in my fears growing further and further becoming much scarier than the reality.

Why I chose not start over

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dscn0015-1-1This time last week I was all set to write a farewell post on this blog. I’d gone as far as creating a new account on WordPress with the intentions of starting over completely. However I’ve changed my mind. I’m not ready to give up on this site yet.

Sometimes it is as though I am just going round in circles because I always end up coming to this similar conclusion, that I am just going to stick to my own style of blogging and not try and fit any sort of mould. This is all good and well until I begin to question whether the content I am creating is good enough, if it is something worth sharing.

My mind has been a mix of start over with a brand new blog dscn0007-1-1or just quit blogging altogether. My level of progress has been discouraging at times, making it hard to continue on. Especially when I go online and am surrounded by people who have surpassed me in just a few months or a year. Also, with where I am currently at in my life I’ve realised that blogging doesn’t mean as much to me as it used to. Once upon a time I felt like I needed a blog to be heard and to express myself instead of just doing it in real life. Despite how much blogging has helped (by serving as an outlet) I have come to understand the importance of bringing that aspect of myself offline and allowing people to see that side of me.


The idea to start over was incredibly tempting as it would have given me the chance to do whatever I wanted on a fresh blank state. However, creating a new blog would be the equivalent of running away and people always say that your problems follow you wherever you go. I think I’ve finally realised that if I can’t sort things out here on my current blog, I won’t be able to do it on a new site either.

So, I’ve decided to stick with this blog but I want to push the boat out a little more, steer things in a slightly different direction. I’m somebody that thinks about a lot of different things and I have opinions and thoughts that I’d like to share with you. Perhaps, I haven’t yet had the confidence, to come forth and pour out much of what I’ve had to offer. I think that now, I’m ready.