Just a moment #26


December 2015


I met a man called I’ll Goldilocks,

for he had golden hair.

I saw him as someone quite beautiful

but for me he did not care.




Stuff and things: January 2016


January was full of good intentions, a vegetarian diet, multiple deadlines, difficult decisions and unanticipated sad goodbyes. Anyway January has been a strange month for me the whole ‘fresh start in the year’ phase didn’t last very long at all. Today I’m sharing a few thoughts and happenings of my life this month.


When good things go bad




I think that sometimes we wait until things go sour

to truly appreciate and understand

the significance of that thing to our lives

and how much it means to us.

We go through life ‘oh so content’

until the thing-what ever it may be-

is gone.

Then suddenly we’re longing

with great intent,

overflowing with passion.

For that which was lost is as essential as the very air I breathe and I fear I cannot go a moment longer without it.

jimi x

A return to things of the past



Well I guess I should start this post off with ‘Happy December 1st!’. I have so much amazing content coming this month and I’ve decided to start off with an outfit post. Now it has been a very long time since I last shared an outfit here and I’ve completely forgotten how to pose so bear with me.