Blogging frustrations: Almost ready to quit


Going self-hosted with my blog Words By Gemm has been difficult. I started from scratch and I no longer had the support of the amazing wordpress community finding my blog posts through the reader.


Whenever I check my stats I can’t help but feel disheartened and wonder if I really made the right decision when I started a new self-hosted blog.

But despite everything the one good thing is that I’m loving the content that I’ve been sharing on my new site. I created a Career category where I share my experiences. I’m planning a series about starting full time work and also plan to share posts about being unemployed and figuring out what kind of job you want. Yesterday I published a post about working in a job that I liked on the road to finding my ‘dream job’ and what it taught me.

At the moment my traffic comes from only twitter as far as I know but it’s quite frustrating knowing that I have to rely on constantly promoting my blog posts on social media in the hopes of getting views.

One of the main reasons I haven’t yet quit is because I actually really enjoy blogging, it’s just not as fun when you hardly have any readers.

I’m writing this post just to share how I’ve been feeling lately. Also I’d love to know how you promote your blog posts or if you have any sites or courses that are helpful for someone trying (and failing) to grow their blog.

If you have a blog, leave a link below because I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read!



Day 30



I’ve reached the end of my daily blogging challenge and I’m proud that I was able to complete it. Posting everyday in April has taught me an array of lessons. I’ve learnt things about staying committed, understanding that not everything will be perfect and the importance of a routine.

When I decided to post daily in April I had done no preparation. I had no idea that most of my posts would just be life musings. I had no idea that daily blogging for a month would teach me so much the second time around. I won’t be continuing on with daily blogging and I’ll explain about that further in an upcoming post.

To end I’d like to share 3 quotes:

if I’d have been truly willing I’d have found a way

be willing to give your self a point of view

lost in the process of creativity

Lastly, thank you for reading.



Welcoming the challenge of daily blogging



It’s been a few years since I last daily blogged. What started off as a month-long experiment was something I ended up sticking at for almost 3. I was in a transitional period of uncertainty and my blog became an anchor of sorts. However, I eventually stopped posting daily but told myself that I would try it again at some point in the future but I never did. It was easy for me to make excuses; the most popular being I don’t have anything to write about and I don’t have the time. But if I’d have been truly willing I’d have found a way.

At the start of this year I told myself that I would daily blog in January but ended up putting off till march which then became April. It’s now the April 1st and I don’t have anything prepared for the month but I think I’m finally ready to give daily blogging a go again. It was after reading an article (Seth Godin Explains Why You Should Blog Daily) about someone that inspires me that I got thinking about blogging everyday in the first place.

Reading that article made me remember what it was like when I posted daily. It wasn’t stressful or boring. It was fun and I welcomed the challenge of having to come up with ideas. It was an opportunity to be in a constant state of content creation. I haven’t been in that state for years.

I’ve gotten so lazy with blogging because even at my laziest I’m still putting out an average of 1 or 2 posts a week. But I’d like to do more than that, I think I need to.


Thoughts and plans



So as the weekend comes to a close I thought I’d reflect on the past week. I’ve been feeling a little down for the past couple of days but I haven’t been able to pin-point the cause. I feel like it might just be a build up of stress which I’ve never been great at dealing with so I thought maybe I should find an outlet. I’m not sure what exactly my new outlet will be but I’m thinking something totally new to me like tai chi.

At the start of the week I had a big think about my life and what I plan to do with it. It can be difficult when you feel like the choices you have made were mistakes but I guess it’s never too late to fix them. From a young age I always felt this pressure to get everything right so whenever I did make a mistake  it was frustrating and I wasn’t always good at taking control and doing what was right for me. However I’m older now and as they say ‘with age comes wisdom’ and I’ve learned (the hard way) that I have to do what is best for me, even if it seems scary.

I’ve blogged everyday this week as a little challenge that I set for myself since I’ve been slacking on content for quite some time. I didn’t find it too difficult but it won’t become a permanent thing. However it made me realise that I can easily do 3 posts a week minimum so that’s what will be happening from now on.

Another thing is I had this idea to write a blog post on motivation but instead of making it all about ME, I have decided that I want to make it about people that I know. My plan is to ask a handful of people a set of questions and then somehow find a way to collate the information into a highly intriguing masterpiece. I have a few people in mind that I want to help me with my research and honestly I’m just so excited to get started. There is one specific person that I want to ask but I’m not sure if he’ll be willing to participate but hopefully I can convince him.

All in all the past week has been okay. I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday and I’m feeling major good vibes for this coming week. Also I have some nice things planned alongside my assignments, reading and research but you know, it is all about the balance.