Distractions and decisions




So I’ve got my new site Words by gemm up and running but I’m deflated with it already. I miss you all here in the WordPress community. I miss my regular readers who would like and comment on my blog posts. Things have been pretty slow in terms of growth and my efforts seem to be fruitless. I’ve actually thought about coming back to WordPress but I don’t know whether that would just be me quitting before I’ve given myself a real chance or the best thing for me to do.

Anyway I guess I’d love some advice or inspiration for what to do when you try something new and it seems to be failing. Or maybe what keeps you going when it feels like you’re just running into walls.

I’ve also been thinking about taking time away from instagram and twitter, deleting the apps for a while and focusing my time elsewhere. By elsewhere I mean on my blog. I wonder if maybe I’m just trying way too hard to love blogging the way I used to at 16 and 17 but things have changed to much to ever get back to the way things once were.

I created twitter and instagram as a way to reach more potential readers for my blog but now I spend more time on them than I do on blogging. If I’m completely honest neither of them have ever really benefited me much in terms of gaining new readers. They’ve both just become distractions.

I want to put that time into reading, writing and creating for my online space. Maybe I need a challenge like ‘x amount of blog posts before the year is over’. I’m not 100% on my plan going forward but I’ll keep you updated and if you haven’t seen my new site wordsbygemm.com let me know what you think of it.

Feel free to leave my any advice but also the links to your blogs too!

What distracts you?


Something worth talking about



Talking about what is going on in my life is something I completely underestimated, until I did it. The whole thing of being vulnerable isn’t something that comes easy to me to I’ve often been reluctant to open up.

As I got older and I faced certain challenges and life difficulties I realised that I had to put down the burden I’d been carrying round with me for much too long. I had to open up. It started with strangers and was followed by friends. My friends were kind and supportive.

Being open and honest, being vulnerable didn’t feel as bad as I had assumed it would. It made my life so much easier.

So, if you’re going through something and keeping it to yourself, don’t. Talking might seem too simple or difficult but if you open up to the right person it will definitely be worth it.



Content variation



My blog has always been a space for me to use my voice to talk about life, things that interest me and the things that I care about. Over time I’ve focused more and more on writing about life. The majority of my content is musings on daily life, sharing things I’ve learnt or am currently learning. As much as I enjoy writing about all that life stuff, there is a part of me that wants write about other things too. I also want to write about books, personal style, being creative, places and occasionally products.

I’ve always struggled with creating niche content because I like to blog about the things that mean something too me. That can vary from a self-help book on confidence to a cleanser that makes me feel amazing every time I use it. I understand that the variation in my content probably doesn’t help in terms of growth but I’m not yet ready to make a choice.

I guess creating a separate blog where I can share more lifestyle based content is something that I need to consider. For now I’m going to experiment a little here and see how it goes implementing a little more variation into the content of this blog.


Writing without intention


Lately I haven’t really been able to blog much. I’ve been collecting blog post ideas for so long that I don’t even want to write them up anymore. Some of my ideas are probably from about 10 months ago.  I just really miss the way I used to just blog as the ideas came to me, I’d get the post written and published within the week.

I think that I’ve gone wrong by trying to plan too much and not leaving room for spontaneity. It’s really important to write without intention sometimes because when you don’t think so much it becomes more of a subconscious thing which gives you access to information you didn’t even know existed in your mind. I don’t know if that’s scientifically true but it’s true for me.

Anyway I just wanted to write and share some thoughts because it’s been a while since I’ve blogged like this. I’m going to really try to post more too not for you but for me because I owe it to myself to work hard at something I love just for me.


Third time lucky


Four leaf clover | HAPPY ST. PATRICK's DAY

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I started this blog exactly one month ago and so far it has been amazing. I’ve clicked publish on posts I’d never thought I would write and received comments that once belonged in my daydreams.

Best of all I’m having fun spending time on a hobby that I began 4 years ago (I’ve had 2 previous blogs).

I think the biggest thing that has changed since I started blogging is my confidence. I now post freely about whatever I want because I don’t want to limit myself out of fear anymore. If people don’t like what I post they can “Rack off”.

I’ve learnt that nothing in life will ever be great if you aren’t just being who you truly are.

Lastly “Thank you” for being a part of it all: reading, sending emails, liking, commenting and following.


Dream-chaser: good days, bad days


tumblr_myky4yH7NV1scwp63o1_500.pngImage via Pinterest

‘The only person who can make my life happen the way I want is me’

I read that quote in a book I was reading last week. It made me think about where I want to be and what I’m doing in order to get there. There is so much that I want to achieve in my life but the problem I have is staying motivated. Its funny because despite all the pressure and opinions of people around me the biggest obstacle in my life is me. Some days I have bucket loads of self belief, I’m happy and determined whilst other days I don’t think I’m capable of anything, I feel highly inadequate and hopeless. It’s a real struggle to make progress when I’m regularly drifting between these 2 states.

However, as I’ve gotten older I’m beginning to understand myself more and I’ve begun to learn about the way my mind works. If you are trying to go after what you want in life but you’re only able to give 50% you aren’t going to achieve your full capability. I guess that is what I’m dealing with, I’m trying to figure how to achieve my full potential and go as far as I can in life (without falling off the edge), despite my personal struggles.

Now that I’ve written that out I realise that I’m really not the only one and in that I find comfort. It takes bravery to be a ‘Dream Chaser’ especially when you know their is an easier and more stable path to take. Chasing your dreams can be terrifying and full of uncertainty but like Seth Godin once said/wrote:

‘If it scares you it might me a good thing to try’

What I’m trying to say with this post is that the factors that limit you can be overcome. I know from experience that when your life is full of things like self-doubt, self-hate, self-harm, anxiety and depression possibly even suicidal thoughts then it can seem as though you aren’t capable of creating a life truly worth living.

On the good days, be a dream chaser and when things aren’t so easy focus on getting by. Whatever your circumstances I promise that you are not alone and don’t forget ‘the path to greatness is not without obstacles’.