The smallest decisions



Words by people I admire or am inspired by mean so much to me. Today I’m sharing a quote by one of my favorite characters.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.

Felicity Porter

When you want to change your life it can be easy to try and go for gold, to go for the big thing but it isn’t always necessary. Sometimes its the smallest decisions -like choosing to take a walk, talking to a stranger instead of ignoring them, saying yes instead of no or choosing to go with your gut instinct instead of thinking things over (and over and over)- that make the biggest difference.

So don’t hold out for something big, embrace the little things and change your life!


Content variation



My blog has always been a space for me to use my voice to talk about life, things that interest me and the things that I care about. Over time I’ve focused more and more on writing about life. The majority of my content is musings on daily life, sharing things I’ve learnt or am currently learning. As much as I enjoy writing about all that life stuff, there is a part of me that wants write about other things too. I also want to write about books, personal style, being creative, places and occasionally products.

I’ve always struggled with creating niche content because I like to blog about the things that mean something too me. That can vary from a self-help book on confidence to a cleanser that makes me feel amazing every time I use it. I understand that the variation in my content probably doesn’t help in terms of growth but I’m not yet ready to make a choice.

I guess creating a separate blog where I can share more lifestyle based content is something that I need to consider. For now I’m going to experiment a little here and see how it goes implementing a little more variation into the content of this blog.


Fear and familiarity



Our days are made up of hundreds of choices (or potential choices). Sometimes we have to make the choice between what we’ve always done and what we’re too scared to do. Sometimes anxiety can take over, leading us back to a place where we find comfort in familiarity despite the harm that it may cause.

The thing that scares us is often the more difficult choice, it’s unfamiliar and we may even have to create a new neural pathway, it can be hard-work. But despite how it may seem, the thing that you’re too scared to do will always be worth it. When what you’ve always done isn’t working, when you become aware of this it’s your duty to be valiant (or even just rational) and decide that you’re willing to change.


A quick reminder



In the moment things often appear much worse than they actually are. After watching a Seth Godin interview a few weeks ago I learnt that there is something small that I can do to make things easier. Remind myself that it isn’t fatal.



Despite it being very simple it works well. It reduces my level of worry and lets me know that I can keep going/try other things instead of wanting to give up.


Creating life ideals




When I was younger I had this vision in me head of what I thought I wanted in life. I thought that having x, y or z would bring me a greater sense of contentment. But as I got older I often found that when I got many of the things I  wanted, I didn’t actually want them anymore.

When you’re growing up your life ideals can end up being heavily influenced by the people around you. Whether it’s people telling you what you should want or you looking at what other people have as a benchmark for your own life.

Over time, I’ve learnt to focus more on me and what I want because it’s no good having everything that others think you should have or aiming to have the same things in life as someone else. It’ll just make you miserable.

Let go of expectations and image. Focus on yourself. Create your own life ideals, aim for self-fulfillment.


Stuff and things: March 2017



Simon Sinek and Seth Godin

I find them both incredibly inspiring, not for who they are but for what they’ve done and what they are continuing to do. They are both authors, public speakers and marketers. I’ve been watching talks and interviews with them on YouTube and I always come away with something valuable from each one. I would definitely recommend checking them both out whether you’re a writer, have a business even if your a blogger.

Reading Fiction

I often find myself wanting to read about personal development, creativity, marketing, spirituality etc. But last month I was really into reading fiction. I’d forgotten what it’s like to get lost in a story.


Towards the end of last month I had deadlines for my course. It got quite stressful so I had to keep reminding myself that in a short while it would all be over and I’d have nothing to stress about. When I did get stresses or anxious I would just tell myself that I had nothing to worry about and that I had sufficient time to get it all completed. It was incredible helpful and is exactly the way things turned out.

Going Self-hosted and another name change

So I recently changed my blog name from Jimi the Phoenix to Fuchsia and Phoenix. My plan was to buy the domain and just have a .com blog, however I’ve realised that Fuchsia and Phoenix wasn’t the best choice of name. I’m now in the process of coming up with something new. I’ve also decided to finally go self-hosted after more than 5 years of having a free WordPress blog.

My first restaurant review

Last month I was lucky enough the attend the restaurant 1580 and I did a review of it. This was my first time doing a restaurant review and I definitely think there is room for improvement but I enjoyed branching off into something new.

Bridgit Mendler

I’ve only really known Mendler from being on Disney channel but when Temperamental love came up in my recommended videos on YouTube, I became curious. The song was nothing like I expected but I surprisingly loved it. I then proceeded to listen to more of her songs and was continuously surprised. I’ve had Can’t bring this down on repeat for weeks.