The smallest decisions



Words by people I admire or am inspired by mean so much to me. Today I’m sharing a quote by one of my favorite characters.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.

Felicity Porter

When you want to change your life it can be easy to try and go for gold, to go for the big thing but it isn’t always necessary. Sometimes its the smallest decisions -like choosing to take a walk, talking to a stranger instead of ignoring them, saying yes instead of no or choosing to go with your gut instinct instead of thinking things over (and over and over)- that make the biggest difference.

So don’t hold out for something big, embrace the little things and change your life!



Felicity Porter//Late 90s style



Last year I started watching an American show from the late 90s called Felicity. At first I was a unsure about whether or not I liked it. It wasn’t the sort of show that had me captivated right from the start but that all changed soon enough.

I totally fell in love with the main character Felicity Porter. It was the way she dressed which was nothing fancy back then but nowadays would be deemed minimalistic/normcore/simplistic. The way she’s sort of awkward/uncool yet she still has this confidence.

So for today I wanted to share her style which consisted of many sweaters, roll-necks, Birkenstocks, converse, shirts, straight jeans, cropped trousers and brown leather bags. Her style palette is made up of lots of neutral tones like black, white, blue, grey and neutrals.

Felicity (1998-2002):

Felicity Porter:

Felicity Porter:


Felicity Porter:

Felicity Porter, FelicityFelicity Porter: queen of sweaters, sneakers and frizzy curls. She left her home in California to attend school in New York and this bookworm manages to perfectly both blend in and stand out on the streets of Manhattan. Photo via WB Television Network:

Felicity Porter:

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