Something worth talking about



Talking about what is going on in my life is something I completely underestimated, until I did it. The whole thing of being vulnerable isn’t something that comes easy to me to I’ve often been reluctant to open up.

As I got older and I faced certain challenges and life difficulties I realised that I had to put down the burden I’d been carrying round with me for much too long. I had to open up. It started with strangers and was followed by friends. My friends were kind and supportive.

Being open and honest, being vulnerable didn’t feel as bad as I had assumed it would. It made my life so much easier.

So, if you’re going through something and keeping it to yourself, don’t. Talking might seem too simple or difficult but if you open up to the right person it will definitely be worth it.




Comments and numbers 


Everyday this month I’ve checked my blog stats. Sometimes I do it multiple times a day. But this morning I realised that views aren’t as important as comments.

For someone that blogs for business the views will be an indication of what’s popular. Then they may focus more on what the readers like best.
But my blog is just my hobby. More people means higher numbers. More comments or interactions means that I’m able to connect with people and that what I create is worth responding to.

Seth Godin once said in an interview that it’s not about getting more people but more of the right people. I totally agree.


Fear and familiarity



Our days are made up of hundreds of choices (or potential choices). Sometimes we have to make the choice between what we’ve always done and what we’re too scared to do. Sometimes anxiety can take over, leading us back to a place where we find comfort in familiarity despite the harm that it may cause.

The thing that scares us is often the more difficult choice, it’s unfamiliar and we may even have to create a new neural pathway, it can be hard-work. But despite how it may seem, the thing that you’re too scared to do will always be worth it. When what you’ve always done isn’t working, when you become aware of this it’s your duty to be valiant (or even just rational) and decide that you’re willing to change.


A quick reminder



In the moment things often appear much worse than they actually are. After watching a Seth Godin interview a few weeks ago I learnt that there is something small that I can do to make things easier. Remind myself that it isn’t fatal.



Despite it being very simple it works well. It reduces my level of worry and lets me know that I can keep going/try other things instead of wanting to give up.


Expectations and disappointment



Sometimes people turn out to be everything other than the expectations you unintentionally placed on them.

Sometimes truly getting to know someone means allowing yourself to be unbiased.

It can be difficult to admit that the people that amaze are just people, like us.

It can be difficult to diminish the ideals and expectations.

Choosing to hold on to these things often results in disappointment.

Next time try letting go.



Creating life ideals




When I was younger I had this vision in me head of what I thought I wanted in life. I thought that having x, y or z would bring me a greater sense of contentment. But as I got older I often found that when I got many of the things I  wanted, I didn’t actually want them anymore.

When you’re growing up your life ideals can end up being heavily influenced by the people around you. Whether it’s people telling you what you should want or you looking at what other people have as a benchmark for your own life.

Over time, I’ve learnt to focus more on me and what I want because it’s no good having everything that others think you should have or aiming to have the same things in life as someone else. It’ll just make you miserable.

Let go of expectations and image. Focus on yourself. Create your own life ideals, aim for self-fulfillment.


Not the usual



As someone who has always loved to play dress-up, personal style will forever be an important part of my life. As I’ve gotten older my style hasn’t changed drastically but the reasons for why I wear what I wear has. I used to be very much into dressing to look stylish. I loved getting compliments on my outfits, learning about new trends and reading fashion blogs.

These days I put outfits together that I think are interesting. I wear things that would have once shied away from and I feel a confidence in doing so. In this particular outfit I’m wearing a pair of pale blue wide leg trousers. It was my first time wearing them out despite having brought them at least 6 months ago. I always thought that I’d pair the trousers with black or grey. However, when putting the outfit together I found myself choosing a dark yellow sweater along with my khaki green coat and bag.

It always feels to good to wear something that is not the usual, something outside of my comfort zone. I feel confident when I’m wearing things that I feel comfortable in and part of that comes from not putting so much effort into trying to be stylish.