A quick reminder



In the moment things often appear much worse than they actually are. After watching a Seth Godin interview a few weeks ago I learnt that there is something small that I can do to make things easier. Remind myself that it isn’t fatal.



Despite it being very simple it works well. It reduces my level of worry and lets me know that I can keep going/try other things instead of wanting to give up.



Spending time



In much of what we do we are either creating or consuming. Both of these things can be time well spent or a waste of time. Often with creation or consumption you get so lost in it that you don’t even realise time is passing you by. But when you stop and see minutes or hours have gone by, how do you feel?

If you don’t feel good about what you’ve given you’re time to, try giving it to something else. Something more useful. Something more valuable.


Not everybody is going to get it




I’m currently in the process of writing something on motivation. I wanted to write about what gets people motivated and learn more about staying motivated. I was really excited when I first started because I’m all about ideas, concepts and asking people about themselves. Part of the process for writing this piece is to ask a handful of people about motivation and future plans. So far I have only asked 2 people. The first person I asked was really helpful but the second person I asked left me feeling a little blah. The reason for this was that he didn’t really get it. Maybe I didn’t explain well enough or maybe my question weren’t probing enough because the answers he gave didn’t reveal as much as I thought they would. I had myself wondering if my piece was even a good idea anymore.

I now realise I was being a little dramatic and after some reflection I realised that not everybody is going to get my ideas or find them interesting and that is okay. There are people that do get it though and I shouldn’t be so quick to forget that. Also in this particular situation I was supposed be doing research so even though I chose the participants I didn’t need to like every answer given.

I’m actually trying to be more neutral, unbiased and unattached toward things in life. I guess I can say so far I’m failing at it but I’m determined to work at it because in the end it will make me a stronger person. And like Henry Ford once said ‘Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently’.



Thoughts and plans



So as the weekend comes to a close I thought I’d reflect on the past week. I’ve been feeling a little down for the past couple of days but I haven’t been able to pin-point the cause. I feel like it might just be a build up of stress which I’ve never been great at dealing with so I thought maybe I should find an outlet. I’m not sure what exactly my new outlet will be but I’m thinking something totally new to me like tai chi.

At the start of the week I had a big think about my life and what I plan to do with it. It can be difficult when you feel like the choices you have made were mistakes but I guess it’s never too late to fix them. From a young age I always felt this pressure to get everything right so whenever I did make a mistake  it was frustrating and I wasn’t always good at taking control and doing what was right for me. However I’m older now and as they say ‘with age comes wisdom’ and I’ve learned (the hard way) that I have to do what is best for me, even if it seems scary.

I’ve blogged everyday this week as a little challenge that I set for myself since I’ve been slacking on content for quite some time. I didn’t find it too difficult but it won’t become a permanent thing. However it made me realise that I can easily do 3 posts a week minimum so that’s what will be happening from now on.

Another thing is I had this idea to write a blog post on motivation but instead of making it all about ME, I have decided that I want to make it about people that I know. My plan is to ask a handful of people a set of questions and then somehow find a way to collate the information into a highly intriguing masterpiece. I have a few people in mind that I want to help me with my research and honestly I’m just so excited to get started. There is one specific person that I want to ask but I’m not sure if he’ll be willing to participate but hopefully I can convince him.

All in all the past week has been okay. I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday and I’m feeling major good vibes for this coming week. Also I have some nice things planned alongside my assignments, reading and research but you know, it is all about the balance.



Jimi the Phoenix


I’ve had the blog name Jimi Fuchsia for less than 8 months but over the past few weeks I had began to really dislike it so I’ve changed it to Jimi the Phoenix.  It sounds so much better and I really like what the Phoenix symbolizes.

Sometimes I feel like a little like the Phoenix. Setting alight, burning to ashes and always risingEvery time I rise from the flames, I become stronger...hence why my tattoo is the Phoenix.:

Positive Quote: Often it´s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self. -Karen Salmansohn www.HealthyPlace.com:

If you don't win battle over your demons you'll only become worse! If you battle them away and truly do what's right and redeem yourself you can then truly learn from your mistakes and grow from them! If you only give up and give in only time will show you what you'll have to loose and struggle with by not becoming a better version of you! Always remember your dignity!:

Part 2 - Making a career comeback: How to reinvent yourself after losing a job.:

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5 Quotes to inspire you (and me)


So since I last blogged quite a bit has happened. I guess right now I just want to feel inspired and ready to take on the world as I’m going back to studying tomorrow after taking a year off. Sometimes when life gets into a bit of a rut you just need something to stimulate you to truly live (not just exist).
I think this is really good to remember that you don't need to over think and just let go, say yes and do what you want to do!:

You will never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.:

Everything happens for a reason:

Something Wonderful - Print of Original Papercut - Inspirational Quote via SarahTrumbauer on Etsy.:

#Inspirationalquote Don't give up, persevere! Keep on working for your dream, don't be afraid to try new things and reach for the stars! Motivation, success, inspiration, business, personal development, business, quote:

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Dream-chaser: good days, bad days


tumblr_myky4yH7NV1scwp63o1_500.pngImage via Pinterest

‘The only person who can make my life happen the way I want is me’

I read that quote in a book I was reading last week. It made me think about where I want to be and what I’m doing in order to get there. There is so much that I want to achieve in my life but the problem I have is staying motivated. Its funny because despite all the pressure and opinions of people around me the biggest obstacle in my life is me. Some days I have bucket loads of self belief, I’m happy and determined whilst other days I don’t think I’m capable of anything, I feel highly inadequate and hopeless. It’s a real struggle to make progress when I’m regularly drifting between these 2 states.

However, as I’ve gotten older I’m beginning to understand myself more and I’ve begun to learn about the way my mind works. If you are trying to go after what you want in life but you’re only able to give 50% you aren’t going to achieve your full capability. I guess that is what I’m dealing with, I’m trying to figure how to achieve my full potential and go as far as I can in life (without falling off the edge), despite my personal struggles.

Now that I’ve written that out I realise that I’m really not the only one and in that I find comfort. It takes bravery to be a ‘Dream Chaser’ especially when you know their is an easier and more stable path to take. Chasing your dreams can be terrifying and full of uncertainty but like Seth Godin once said/wrote:

‘If it scares you it might me a good thing to try’

What I’m trying to say with this post is that the factors that limit you can be overcome. I know from experience that when your life is full of things like self-doubt, self-hate, self-harm, anxiety and depression possibly even suicidal thoughts then it can seem as though you aren’t capable of creating a life truly worth living.

On the good days, be a dream chaser and when things aren’t so easy focus on getting by. Whatever your circumstances I promise that you are not alone and don’t forget ‘the path to greatness is not without obstacles’.