Day 30



I’ve reached the end of my daily blogging challenge and I’m proud that I was able to complete it. Posting everyday in April has taught me an array of lessons. I’ve learnt things about staying committed, understanding that not everything will be perfect and the importance of a routine.

When I decided to post daily in April I had done no preparation. I had no idea that most of my posts would just be life musings. I had no idea that daily blogging for a month would teach me so much the second time around. I won’t be continuing on with daily blogging and I’ll explain about that further in an upcoming post.

To end I’d like to share 3 quotes:

if I’d have been truly willing I’d have found a way

be willing to give your self a point of view

lost in the process of creativity

Lastly, thank you for reading.




11 Quotes from The Book by Alan Watts



A couple of months ago whilst scrolling through twitter, someone I follow recommended the author Alan Watts. Last month I started reading one of his books called The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. I was unsure of what to expect but found that I really resonated with much of the writers words. Whilst reading the book I made a few notes of the quotes I liked best as I thought it would be good to share them.

  1. Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature
  2. Attention is narrowed perception
  3. Problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way
  4. Society as we know it is therefore playing a game with self-contradictory rules
  5. A permanently vicious specious destroys, not only itself, but all other life in its environment
  6. Most of our products are being made by people who do not enjoy making them
  7. The more strenuously you grasp this airy nothingness, the more swiftly it collapses in your hands
  8. The present is the only thing that has no end
  9. We have scrubbed the world clean of magic
  10. Life must be lived as a game
  11. To define is to limit

So there you have it, let me know which one was your favorite or if you’ve read any good books lately. Leave me your recommendations below.


Creating nostalgia on Sunday


This morning I found myself scrolling through Tumblr and what can I say it got to me. I think the specific line that did it was: I don’t love you, but I wanted you to fall in love with me so that I know what it feels like. It reminded me of the kind of poems I used to write 3 or 4 years ago. Moments later I was scribbling away in a notebook writing poetry just like I used to.


3 quotes to diminish the worrier in you


Worry is something that effects us all and I guess in small doses it is a good thing, it means you care about things. However in excess it is very unhealthy, can develop into anxiety which may cause physical and psychological symptoms. Things like sleeping problems, irrational fears, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, self-consciousness, palpitations and self-doubt are all symptoms that can span from being anxious.

So for today I just wanted to share a few quotes that are good to keep in mind when you’re worried. I can’t promise that they will work for you but what I can say is that it is good to have some sort of quote or mantra. Something that springs to mind when your thoughts are getting out of control, offers clarity or a fresh perspective.


If I spent as much time doing the things I worry about getting done as I do worrying about them, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about.



Life is too short for mean anxieties.


Worry is a misuse of the imagination.



Jimi the Phoenix


I’ve had the blog name Jimi Fuchsia for less than 8 months but over the past few weeks I had began to really dislike it so I’ve changed it to Jimi the Phoenix.  It sounds so much better and I really like what the Phoenix symbolizes.

Sometimes I feel like a little like the Phoenix. Setting alight, burning to ashes and always risingEvery time I rise from the flames, I become stronger...hence why my tattoo is the Phoenix.:

Positive Quote: Often it´s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self. -Karen Salmansohn

If you don't win battle over your demons you'll only become worse! If you battle them away and truly do what's right and redeem yourself you can then truly learn from your mistakes and grow from them! If you only give up and give in only time will show you what you'll have to loose and struggle with by not becoming a better version of you! Always remember your dignity!:

Part 2 - Making a career comeback: How to reinvent yourself after losing a job.:

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Frank Zappa said…


I’m pretty sure I’d never heard of Zappa until I found the first quote on Pinterest a few days ago. I’m a big fan of quotes and they can be pretty inspiring or thought provoking so I thought I’d share some that I found.

If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, you priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it:

Over the past couple of years I’ve learned the importance of not doing what other people want because it only makes me miserable. So now I’m doing my thing, well figuring out what exactly my ‘thing’ is. It isn’t easy but I’m sort of happier now.

frank+zappa+quotes | More Frank Zappa Quotes:

I can proudly say ‘yes, I freak out!’. When I was younger I felt like I ought to remain relativity ‘prim and proper’ at all times. Instead of freaking out externally, I’d do it internally which turns out wasn’t particularly good for my mental health. If only I’d have read Zappas words back then, I’d have been a very different person.