Intentional alone time


20170426_171621Today I had a mini revelation about spending time by myself. After a day of classes I stopped off at a park on my way home. I walked down the path and sat on a bench, then proceeded to listen to a podcast and gaze at the pool of water before me.

I hadn’t had a particularly stressful day but I just felt compelled to have some intentional alone time. I spend time by myself on a regular basis but the majority of the time I’m completing some sort of task like doing food shopping or running errands. However, I’m  learning that there is great significance in spending time alone without an agenda. Sat on that park bench, I  felt relaxed and at peace. It gave me time to reflect on my day. When I left the park I felt refreshed as though I’d just finished meditating. When I looked up at the sky I saw a rainbow and immediately felt a sense of bliss, as though it was a sign that I was exactly I was meant to be.

Sometimes it’s the little things that do you a world of good.




Book Nook inspiration


Reading Nook @Mish B-fujinishi Selcohome Community Credit Union

As an avid book reader, I love to just curl up somewhere cosy and get lost in the pages of a good book. After my last post, I got thinking about my ideal reading space so I headed to Pinterest and here are some of my favourites.  Window Seat Design Ideas

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